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Product, UX & Service Design portfolio of Gagan Malik

Good design is good business


I'm Gagan Malik, a London based Service and Product Designer. I work with ambitious brands to deliver user centred service and product experiences. Because what matters to people, matters to business.


About Me

I am an experienced designer with a background in product and service innovation. I help organisations understand how to rapidly develop user centred products and services. I have good knowledge of service design, digital product design, UX design practices and consistently bring design concepts to life using rapid prototyping techniques.

I have led and worked on multiple digital transformation programmes with multiple product teams, visual designers, developers and key stakeholders for top-tier corporate institutions. In addition, I am also involved in the London startup community, providing advisory services to tech startups.

Besides work, I love cinema and street art. 

I'm personality type ISTP.

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